Welcome to the webpage of the first joint Portuguese-Spanish Meeting on Comparative Psychology with the XXVI International Meeting of the Spanish Society for Comparative Psychology (SEPC). This will be the first SEPC meeting in Portugal, and will be held at the University of Minho in Braga, a city in the North of the country, a region known for its hospitality and gastronomy.

The meeting provides an opportunity to present new findings and exchange ideas in all areas of Comparative Psychology. We are pleased to announce our invited talks:

- "Emergent relations and stimulus class formation", by Professor Peter Urcuioli (Purdue University, USA),
- "Why and how form and function go hand in hand in behavioural research", by Professor Alex Kacelnik (University of Oxford, UK), and
- "Mirror Neurons from Associative Learning", by Professor Cecilia Heyes (University of Oxford, UK).

We hope to see you in Braga in September!