Invited Speakers

Peter Urcuioli

Alex Kacelnik

Cecilia Heyes


Peter Urcuioli is Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. He has contributed to a wide variety of topics in animal learning and cognition, including pioneering work on the categorization of arbitrarily related stimuli and stimulus class formation in pigeons and other non-language-capable animals. He is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, and has been continuously supported in his research since 1983 by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

Alex Kacelnik is Professor of Behavioural Ecology at the University of Oxford, E.P. Abraham Fellow of Pembroke College and a Fellow of The Royal Society. He is a leader in the field of animal cognition and behaviour, blending theoretical and experimental approaches from biology, psychology and economics. He is distinguished for his work on risk perception in animals and tool use in crows. For his outstanding contributions, he has received the Cogito Prize Award and the Comparative Cognition Society Research Award.

Cecilia Heyes is Professor of Psychology at the University of Oxford, a Senior Research Fellow of All Souls College, and a Fellow of the British Academy. Her work in animal cognition, human experimental psychology, and cognitive neuroscience is distinguished by the clarity and acuity with which it challenges conventional wisdom and offers new perspectives on the evolution of cognition. An expert on social cognition, she has made seminal contributions to research on social learning, imitation, mirror neurons, and theory of mind.