Instructions to the authors


 Please follow these recommendations


1. Talks.

Talks at talk sessions are scheduled every 15 minutes, everything included. So, you should count with approximately 11 minutes to give your talk, so that you can count with 3 minutes for questions. Please, note that, as two sessions will take place at the same time, session chairs will be advised to be extremely strict with timing, so that participants may change from one session to the other without missing any of the talks they intend to attend to.

Only one spoken presentation will be allowed per participant. Please keep in mind that if you are presenting a talk, you will not be allowed to present another talk at the meeting, regardless of whether the talk is included in a symposium. (However,it may be presented by one of the co-authors.).

2. Talks at symposia: Symposia are organized so that they count with 20 min per talk, including presentation and discussion times. Please, contact with the symposia organizer to see how he/she plan on arranging the symposium so that you may know how much time you actually count on to give your talk.

3. Posters’ maximum size: 130 cm x 200 cm (W x H). This are the maximum size that may be used. You don’t need to fill it all.